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About YPS Learning

​YPS Learning/RAI, LLC provides learning design, development, and delivery of leadership and team development programs and solutions. We customize workshop modules, and provide 1:1 leadership coaching.


Additionally, we offer a unique program leveraging the design thinking model for career exploration and development within your current employer. We are a Certified Stanford University Provider of Designing Your Future and Designing Your New Work Life modules for increased engagement and fulfillment.


We co-create with our clients engaging and interactive experiences either fully remote or a hybrid solution. We integrate best practices in adult learning and AGILE instructional design to align with your organization's values, culture, gaps, and goals.


OUR VISION is to become a global leader in leadership, team, and and overall talent development with our unique programs and solutions.


OUR MISSION is to help individuals, teams, and organizations to improve engagement, increase retention, and help create tomorrow's leaders. 


Our Value TREE

Collaborate as true partners

Value, respect, and leverage differences

Always raise the bar and continually learn and iterate

Equity & Trust

Consistently communicate with honesty and transparency

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