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Solutions that align with your vision, mission, values, culture, and core competencies.


YPS creates Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) for client-companies to further upskill senior leaders, mid-level managers, new supervisors, and frontline employees. We focus on building leadership competencies and cultivate a culture of inclusion, innovation, and excellence.

LDPs are highly interactive and engaging, and address client-specific challenges, gaps, and goals and increase employee retention and performance.


Our coaching approach is to be fully present and curious as a listener, ask powerful questions to help clients unpack and discover new insights and paths. 1:1 coaching sessions are aligned with the client’s needs, gaps, and goals, along with ICF’s competencies and code of conduct. We coach individuals and teams, and often pair coaching sessions with our Team Development Learning Labs.


We design, develop, and deliver customized Team Learning Labs (or Modules) focused on aligning organizational culture with core values, tackling imposter syndrome, creative and collaborative leadership, managing healthy conflict, healthy communication, navigating change and transition, and other areas of need.   

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YPS’s team of instructional technologists create highly interactive eLearning modules using best practices in adult learning and cutting edge instructional tools and platforms.

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